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basic christian foundations

The quest for TRUTH starts Here!!!
The quest for TRUTH starts Here!!!



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Cut the strings

Learn how to be free today from guilt and bad habits with the Truth of God to live your present without being distracted, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Get the reigns again

Eliminate your pain and your shame by overcoming every temptation, compulsion and addiction in your lives with the love of God.

Walk Free

Break every pattern and curses from generation to generation and begin to receive God's blessings in every area of your life.

Staying on top

Learn how to overcome ungodly soul ties and emotional injuries from ungodly and abusive relationships and deal with unresolved issues form your past relationships.

Think like a champion

Discover  who you are by replacing limiting thoughts and beliefs with His truth.  Unlock today spiritual secrets that change the way you view the world and your place in it.

Champion heart

Keep your freedom by realizing the power of your true identity, by shedding the burdens of your past and by standing against evil influences.

Live the dream

Be practically transported to the realm of the supernatural access to all the promises of God for your life and your destiny.



At TSMI Ministries, we’re committed to help you live a happy, successful, fulfilled life by teaching you the principles of holiness, freedom & faith found in The WORD of God. We teach you how to live a Powerful Divine "Supernatural life, Naturally". This will translate to better health, better finances, better relationships and better life experiences.

  • We touch lives holistically

  • We set free completely

  • We make a difference permanently

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