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A Supernatural Walk

The ministry of this couple started in 1989 when they got married. Momi joined Raphael in the Deliverance Department of Household Of God Fellowship Church, where they ministered together. Eight years later, TSMI International was birthed in the heart of Raphael in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1997, when he was working as a Medical Doctor, Momi as a Pharmaceutical QC Analyst and they were both attending Bible School at the Rhema Bible Training Centre (RBTC). His initial life's goal was to complete medical postgraduate studies and sometime when older go to a Bible School 'just to get a deeper personal understanding of the word, not for ministry'. Through circumstances, the place of prayer and prophetic preaching, GOD redirected him and flipped the plan with a requirement to do Bible School first. It was a difficult season combining working as a Doctor in General Practice and Emergency Rooms and doing three years of three hour night school of gruelling lectures, assignments, tests and examinations at RBTC, but the Lord rewarded their obedience with a son. Difficulties in early pregnancy meant 'Momi had to stop her work.


'Things got really hot and tough on the outside, but great work was being carved on the inside in those very very trying days; combining extra shifts with Bible School...'

In a time of severe financial need, with Momi heavily pregnant, unemployed to preserve the child, their brand new car mysteriously broken down, the Holy Spirit led him to give a ‘widow's mite’ offering which practically meant emptying the account yet again, for the RBTC Teachers’ Appreciation day.  His obedience was rewarded, God started giving him clear directions about his calling and his ministry.


“As I walked to the ATM machine to give yet again what we could not afford, an impartation came on me.

The only way I can describe it is that a heavy cloak fell on me and clicked in loudly.               

The Lord then clearly spoke to me:

I have given you a Teaching gift and as you are faithful you will move in healings and from then you fully will enter the prophetic”.


Soon after this incident, by divine appointment, he was invited to join the teaching team and later the healing team at the Rhema Bible Church, Randburg, Johannesburg!

Who joins the Healing team at RBC then, was decided by the elders and all the pastors who pray intensely about the new person and all of them have to receive a go-ahead from the Holy Spirit before he/she is allowed to join.

Soon after completing the three-year Ministerial training plus One Year Counselling training at RBTC, there was a season of restlessness and wilderness of the soul. In the place of prayer and solitude the Lord impressed to Dr Raphael Ajayi to leave Johannesburg and move with his wife to Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, where she had received admission to a Master’s program in Pharmaceutical Analysis in 2000. This coincided well with His desire to specialize further in the medical field. He obeyed, without knowing that God had other plans in mind. These plans were revealed (but not clearly understood then), by the prophetic utterance of elders at Rhema during the Healing Team Prayers :

“You think you are going to UK because of your wife but GOD is actually sending you there

and will eventually use you in your work and His”.

Dr. Raphael Ajayi's original personal vision in moving to UK was to start working and commence postgraduate medical studies, while supporting his wife as she pursued her master’s program and Analytical Career. However, as God directed their steps, they started ‘THE SUMMIT MINISTRIES UK and planted a church, The Summit Bible Church, in December 2000. They taught the complete counsel of the Word of GOD with a strong emphasis on the need for the Body of Christ to walk in complete Holiness and freedom from worldly defilement, yet fully embracing the Grace, Love and compassion of GOD. They equipped people to meet God’s highest expectations flowing strongly in the prophetic and revelatory gifts of the spirit. They believe strongly in Grace and Faith but with a requirement to walk in Holiness. Pastor Ray McCauley, The Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church, South Africa met with them in the United Kingdom in 2003 and validated the call, laid hands and prayed with them.

As the ministry load got heavier, he attempted to quit medical practice and focus on the pastoral office several times but was warned and counselled by several Key Prophets / Mentors he was submitted to worldwide, not to do the same as GOD had a greater plan. He kept working as a General Practitioner having completed UK specialist training with Merit in that field. There were powerful meetings in UK and an annual 'Heavens Speaks' prophetic conference very well attended from across UK with music, Arts/Drama and powerful prophetic services. There was also a monthly Weekend encounter with multiple miracles, well attended also from people across UK. The majority of the congregation were University students and lives were impacted and changed positively with Physical, Soul and Spiritual healings. Powerful deliverance, legs growing out, depressions and infirmities healed, prisoners miraculously freed, Completely 'irreversibly' broken marriages restored, barren couples received children, singles received spouses among many other miracles God did through this couple.

Nine years later while Dr Ajayi was washing dishes in his kitchen, he received a confirmation from the Lord, of what Momi received about 2 years before, that His current ministerial work in United Kingdom was over. The Lord added that he would receive a call on April 20th 2010, directing him further. God also said to him:


“ A prophet operates from a place of Carmel. You will move to the marketplace and do the same things you did from the pulpit but worldwide; after your family is settled.

People who won't come to church will come to you and you will redirect them back to church.

The same signs and wonders evident from the pulpit will manifest in your areas of influence and worldwide”

This word received did not tell him about the seven years of waiting before they could settle down and start the worldwide work promised. The battles,  wilderness and giants to deal with before settling were never discussed. The process is akin to the 'Night time of the soul', well documented by old aged saints but often not preached much about in this generation. It's also called the 'price of the anointing!!!.


Momi also received an open vision around the same time Raphael received the word. In the open vision, she saw the words ‘QUALIFIED’ written on the wall in front of her, with GOD in a nutshell stamping approval on the work done and telling them to move on to the next phase.


On the 20th of April 2010, Dr Ajayi did receive a call as GOD had promised, from a British headhunter, for a job offer in SASKATCHEWAN, Canada and the journey to the present day began. Multiple prophecies from key worldwide prophets confirmed the Call. They moved to Canada in Dec 2010.


During the season in Saskatchewan, while he was walking in the fields in the late evenings, God showed him an apparition in the sky of advancing clouds shaped like an eagle in flight. This amazing apparition caught on camera kept advancing and totally filled up the skies. As he pondered on this apparition, the Lord spoke clearly “TEACH MY PEOPLE ON HOLINESS”. There was a bit of wrestling on hearing this, as it brought back difficulties encountered over the years while preaching the same message to the body of Christ and the wounds and scars received from the same. He talks more about in one of his books about this experience and how the Lord's voice sounded pained. He bargained asking for GOD to anoint Him to teach it humorously but with an anointing to bring Holy change painlessly (GOD has honored that deal). He yielded to GOD’s direction and this started the main journey to this phase of their ministry today.


Today, Dr. & Mrs. Ajayi in agreement to GOD’s present plans run medical centers and travel around the world with the age-old message delivered with humility and humor with such powerful results. Healings and prophecies follow the message with a strong deliverance mantle.


Obadaiah 1:17 states “But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance, And there shall be holiness; The house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.”  (NKJV).

Deliverance is a strong part of their message, not just the casting out of devils (which happens regularly) but the total freedom from mental hang-ups and strongholds, so that the Holiness and preciousness of what GOD has created fully manifests. The end result is that everyone including those who walk contrary to GOD’s expectations can truly possess that fullness that Jesus provided for them!


The highlights of the message they deliver are 

  1. The Ministerial vessel must stay SANCTIFIED to guarantee His safety as

  2. The PRESENCE of GOD is invoked through worship

  3. The POWER of GOD is released to Touch the Spirit, Soul and Body of humanity, Setting free Completely and Making Permanent differences in the lives touched.


GOD has blessed them with a great amazing team and partners worldwide. It’s always amazing to watch them and the team, flow in the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit with results, Powerful and Great lasting results that transcends generations barriers!

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