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Prayers for healing

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Holy Spirit,

I want to thank you for being with me in the best of times and in the most challenging ones. I am turning my heart to you God. I need you to lift me up today. I am praying that you will give me your strength and your love to heal my past wounds and my broken pieces. I need you Lord to change my circumstances and the way I see things around me. I recognize God that I have painful memories that have affected my relation with you, with others and myself.

You are my rock, my fortress and my hope.

You are Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals and restores me inside out. I need your divine healing and renewal today. I need you to make me completely whole to give you glory in this earth. Forgive me Lord about my sins and my unrighteousness. I know you love me endlessly and I know that your grace can bind all the brokenness within me. God, may your healing love flood in every corner of my heart to release the aching void within.

God, go back trough every second of my life since my mother's womb and give me the love that I didn't receive. Help me to forgive all those who caused these negative emotions and to be forgiven by those whom I have done the same harm. Remove now all the painful memories and emotions caused by rejection, betrayal, abandonment, hopelessness, discouragement, helplessness and despair and set me free from those things.

I am praying Lord that you will take my hand to go walk back in my childhood, in my home and in my school with me. I am asking forgiveness for my parents. I am asking you to stand between my parents and I by letting your love flow between us. Take away every feeling of embarrassment, fear, guilt or failure.

Thank you Jesus for healing my pain, my hurts and my wounds and for setting me free. Thank you for your wonderful and powerful love. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself more. Thank you for teaching me how to love others more. Thank for giving me peace. Thank you for cleansing my mind, my emotions and my memories. I want to thank you Jesus.


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