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The Spirit of the Lord still speaks via prophetic utterances to the Church. The purpose of these declarations is not to tantalize or entertain but to direct and inform us of things to come as already decreed by the heavenly assizes.

They are to inform us of plans and purposes predestined by the Almighty, and help us to strategically prepare and position ourselves in cooperation to facilitate their fulfillment. In response, we are to prayerfully accept them, guard them and move in the light of them. (Timothy...)

History, in-part, might question the veracity of the Holy Bible, but when we look at history in it’s totality, it confirms the truth encapsulated in the Holy writ. Everything over the ages have aligned to HIS purposes. The various kingdoms have come and gone but their destinies and movements, rising and falling have all been decreed in various prophetic writings (Daniel).

This prophetic section has a few of the various prophesies GOD has released through this ministry. It’s divided into prophesies for the members of His Kingdom and various nations.

Before you start, it’s important to inform you that the end times, all the noise about the same and fear generated in people’s hearts are unfounded, if you are under the secret place of the Most-High (Psalm 91:1). Everything was planned by GOD Himself, not satan. If you are in the right kingdom, there is nothing to Fear, as He, the Almighty GOD Has ‘EVERYTHING’ in control. He planned it, He timed it, He has decreed it and He is the executor. We just co labour with Him in these exciting times!!!

If you don’t know JESUS as Lord (Master), Saviour and Friend, it will be an honour to tell you more about Him, It’s not about ‘church’, it’s about a relationship with a friend who can sort everything and deal with all things.

He is above ALL and darkness cringes and bows at the mention of HIS NAME.

There is deliverance in His name if you need it!



We believe God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you.

So whatever you're concerned about and need prayer for—we want to be there for you!

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