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'Broken Jars Still Carry Oil' is the ebook you need to get in 2018, so you can totally get rid of your negative past issues!

GOD wants to heal your brokeness and inward wounds, so you can be able to step into his promises. GOD has a plan for your life and the only way to step into it, is to have a renewed soul and spirit.


Raphael Ajayi wants to teach you how to deal step by step with foundational issues, giving you access to restoration and healing in your life! You will lean how to :

- be released from ancestral sins and curses

- replace destructive beliefs with godly ones

- heal from emotional and spiritual pain

- be delivered from demonic oppression


This ebook will provide you with guiding Scriptures, step-by-step processes, self-inventories, visual aids, tables and real-life stories of people being restored through this integrated approach.


You are blessed and your past can not stop your destiny! Get free to fully enjoy your destiny today!

Updated Version,

Available July 2022, for Purchase

Meanwhile, please enjoy the free version


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