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What People Say

30 years of ministry, Lifting Man up to HIS expectations

What we have done over the past thirty years is being privileged to have front row seats, watching GOD do amazing things in amazing people's lives.


It really has been an honor being a part of this process and it still is a great joy to see the end result. This process is not always pleasurable as the raising up of generals often involves pain; as wounds and stripes become launching pads to greatness. 


What a GOD, what a privilege !!!!


Rapha-El & Momi

" They have great insights in the

area of deliverance and the Lord is using them powerfully to deal with spiritually sticky situations"


Head Of Department Household Of GOD Children's church for 20 years

" Through their guidance and prayers for over 22 years, I am who I am today; a nurse practitioner. They have been very good parents to me. They have supported me in every step, that I have taken "



SMALL 12X16.jpg

" Through their deliverance ministry they have been spiritual mentors and spiritual parents who have helped me achieve complete healing and deliverance in the Lord, equipping me to live a kingdom life"

UK Based Anonymous

Consultant Pediatrician

 "But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions." 


Obadiah 17

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